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January 16, 2014

A New Year's Resolution

For a girl who loves organization and to do lists - the idea of starting a new year has such a great appeal to it.  There's something about thinking you can wipe the slate clean and start over anew.  While I've never literally written down any new year resolutions - I usually have a list in my head of what will be different in that particular year.  
This year, January 1st somehow came and went without too much fanfare.  Perhaps it's because my brain is now back on that newborn 2 1/2 to 3 hour schedule and that's what the rest of my world is revoloving around too.  A new year?  I'm having a hard time focusing on each new day…how about a new 3 hours?? Does that work??  During one of those 2am feedings, I read a blog where someone talked about (I'm sorry to whoever this is - I genuinely can't remember where I read it) that as Christians our life doesn't have to be & shouldn't be about each event, the next thing we're looking forward to, or each January 1st to start things over.  
Our Redeemer offers us a living salvation each and every day.  There is never ending grace and mercy.  His forgiveness is available at all times.  Praise the Lord that His mercies are new every morning!  The standard of Who we are to look like is quite difficult to type up into a 5 point list of resolutions.  There is no gym membership that will make us look the way that Christ's love in us will make us look.  There are no books to read that will change our lives the way His words can.  There is no diet that will make us as healthy as partaking of the Living Water & Bread of Life.  
I'm not against resolutions, there have been years that I've enjoyed making them and doing my best to keep them - but in this season, this year, my resolution is to not have a resolution.  I just want to daily live freely in Christ.  There are so many, many things that this could & does mean - I have no idea what He has in store…but I know that He does indeed have a purpose and I'm here to glorify Him through it…one 3 hour period at a time.

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