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January 21, 2014


For the past two years, I feel like God has spoken a specific word to my heart and then used the whole year to teach me more about it.  This year, I know He is speaking "authenticity" over my life.  I've known it for a few weeks now but haven't written about it.  Probably because when I write/type something it's like I'm saying it out loud…admitting it to myself…and honestly it scares me.

Authenticity is real.
It's honest.
It hurts and heals at the same time.
There is no room for masks, games, or pleasantries when you are being authentic.
It's a bare your soul, laugh till it hurts, cry till you can't anymore, kind of life.
it's freedom.
its intimidating.

My prayer is that what comes out on this blog this year, what comes out of my mouth, what is seen in my actions, and what my life reflects is authentic.  My prayer is that it is all for His glory.  My prayer is that when I fall short of authenticity, that I will be honest about that too…that I will give Him all the praise for His forgiveness & mercy & for the chance to try again.  I desire to be real with God, myself, my family and all of you.

because honestly? we're all in the middle of war - every single day…sometimes we can see the enemy approaching and sometimes he catches us completely off guard - those days aren't pretty, funny, or enjoyable.  I want to be open about those times just as much as I'm open about the victories and things that bring abundant joy to my heart.  because maybe not during or even right after those hard times, but eventually, He does teach me so much about Himself and about what He desires to do in me.

I pray that through this transparency you too can be transparent with yourself, God, & your family/friends. We need to use this authenticity to encourage one another instead of creating another standard to live up to - He is the only standard that we need to have our eyes on.  In Him alone we find our worth - not in how many pinterest projects we complete, FB comments we receive, or by a list we've read on a popular blog.

He is the source of our authenticity…without Him we are nothing.
without Him I am nothing.
here's to being real...

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