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January 29, 2013

Truths I Take for Granted

We’re in Madagascar to share the gospel.  We’re here because there are people here who have literally never heard about Jesus Christ.  However, there are times when I forget that the Christians I meet don’t have the knowledge base I do.  It slips my mind that when they say “I believe in Jesus and He is Lord of my life” they aren’t saying “I grew up in church, memorized lots of Bible verses, and know all the hymns”.  Does that make sense?  If it does, then keep reading J  So, the questions that come up later in conversation will catch me off guard.  Let me give you an example.
This past week, Ashley and I went to ESL class.  We started talking with the class about their hopes for the New Year.  A student had posed the question to us, and after answering we turned it back to the class.  We invited them to openly share their answers with us.  It proved to be a fun discussion but very insightful as well.  Some of the answers included:
To be a better English speaker
To have a new girlfriend
To be able to learn more about the Bible
To be a missionary
That Jesus would help her throughout the year
To do well in his studies
To memorize Scripture
To have Jesus near

Oh, how my heart broke to hear some of these answers – they were being transparent and honest with us…they truly longed for these hopes to become truths by the end of the year.  That night, I couldn't get their answers out of my head.  It saddened me that they only hoped that they could learn more about the Bible, only wished that Jesus would help them, only dreamed of having Jesus near...they didn't know that all of these are promises that God has already made to each of us.  
He tells us that He is always near, that we are never forgotten or forsaken. 
The Bible tells us that He is our Help and our stronghold. 
The Holy Spirit dwells within us to teach us and to interpret His word for us. 
All truths -yet all things these believers do not know yet.
Praying that I see these for the awe-inspiring truths that they are and do not take them for granted.

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