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January 16, 2013

The New Normal

Occasionaly, I realize that on most days I've accepted a new normal in my life here in Madagascar.  Some of them may be small, seemingly insignificant - others are huge (or seemed huge at some point and time) and now all of them are just "normal".  All of the differences between Madagascar and America - all of the "quirks" - are just...life.  Since starting to plan a trip back to the States for Chesney's wedding in May, I sometimes think about what might seem "abnormal" to me now...
"why?" you may ask - well, let me tell you some things that are our new "normal"...

*sporatic electricty outages that range from 20 minutes to 16 hours - you have no warning, no idea how long it will last, and no one to call to come and "fix" it

*always needing change - the biggest bill here is equivalent to a $5 bill in the States...however if that's all you have, most of the time you'll walk away w/o the item you intended to buy or you'll have a seller who is bumfuzzled over the fact that you had nothing smaller

*ordering one coke at a time - there are no refills ;)

*no driving rules

*intending to order something off of a menu but then finding out they don't have it or the next of your two choices either

* it being as hot or hotter inside the house as it is outside

*being pulled over by the police simply so they can see your paperwork

*keeping anything/everything in the freezer that might have the possibility of melting or getting bugs (flour, sugar, chocolate, bread, crackers, etc)

*finding a substitute for atleast one item in every recipe

*talking in English and knowing no one can understand you

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