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January 12, 2013

How Hot is HOT?

I know that we may talk about Tulear as being "hot" and some of you think, " Yall grew up in MS - shouldn't you be used to that?"  Well, it's a little different here - on those really hot days, it's hotter in my living room/kitchen than it is outside (and that's when I'm NOT cooking!).  One night last week, Steve asked if I could make some cookies.  I went and grabbed a pack of chocolate chip cookies and mixed them up.  As I put them on the pan, I realized they really didn't look quite normal.

My first thought was to see if the package was actually "chocolate" cookies instead of chocolate chip...nope, package says "chococlate chip".  My next thought was to check the date - hmmm, not expired.  I went to look more closely and I found the culprit - the chocolate chips were melted!!  Don't worry - they still tasted just fine, they just looked a little different than normal!

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