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March 7, 2012

Prayer Requests

There are a few things going on that we’d love for you to be lifting up to the Father…

*There are several trips out to the bush each month that Steve will be going on with Grant, Doug, & Nathan – please pray for their health, their language, & their relationship with the villages.

*Steve & I will both be actively seeking out the ministries the Lord would have for us to be a part of here in Tulear – please pray for open eyes & hearts to what our roles need to be.

*Although we have finished our official language school, we are still students of this language and culture!  Please keep praying for ears to hear correctly, minds to understand, & tongues to speak fluently.  Don’t forget to pray for Ryleigh in this area too – as she is learning 2 languages at once!

*April 19th-May 18th we will be in Zambia, Africa attending an intensive training for Sub Sahara Africa.  Please start praying now for a great learning experience and our health as we are traveling.

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