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March 25, 2012


  If you hang around our team long enough, you're bound to hear something about Proverbs 16:9.  This verse says, "in his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps."  We often laugh about how much plans are changed here.  Such was the case with Steve and Grant's latest trip out to the bush. 
   They left Sunday afternoon with plans to do storying at some villages during the 1st few days and end the week with 2 different baptisms.  Sunday, they drove to Kilimary and Besatra to set up a time for Grant to go through some stories that week.  Kilimary was able to meet on Monday at noon and Besatra did not have any free time until Wednesday.  Monday afternoon, they drove to Andremba and Tananasoa, the villages where the Baptism was to be done, to set up times with them.  Both said that Tuesday would work for them.  Tuesday morning they got up and drove back to Andremba.  Upon arriving, they realized that everyone was in the fields working and had somehow not remembered that they were to meet (even though they had set the time less than 24 hours ago!).  An hour and a half after the time they were supposed to begin, Grant was able to story through Jesus' temptation and a few other stories.  There were about 70 people who gathered (35 adults/35 children) and all seemed interested and several asked questions about the stories.  There are some Catholic beliefs floating around the village from where a Catholic Priest would come by and teach the people in the past.  Many try to mix what they've learned from him and what they are learning from the Bible.  From there they drove on to Tananasoa.  They had also forgotten about the meeting and the leader of the village was gone, so storying was unable to take place there.  The "rainy season" in the bush has not been very rainy - so they were also unable to do any baptisms this past week.  Due to several factors, they had to cut their trip short and came back home late Tuesday evening.  However, they know that the LORD is the One who determines their steps!! 
  Please pray for the people that live out in these villages.  Lift up their hearts & minds - that they might be able to understand and remember these stories of Truth.  Ask for the Lord to lead them out of the darkness into the Light.  Please continually lift up Grant as he is seeking the Lord's guidance in answering the questions that are asked after each story.  Please remember Steve as well as he is soaking in all there is to learn about the Mahafaly dialect and culture.

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