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January 15, 2012

Friendly Faces

I want to share something today that has truly made me think during our time here in Antsirabe...

Every Sunday morning we go to church...there are 4 Christian churches here in town that have been founded by different missionaries throughout the years.  Obviously, when we first arrived here in Mada we could speak no Malagasy.  All we had to communicate with was the love of Jesus.  We would walk in these churches that often look very different from any church we have set foot in, not to mention how different we look!  Our southern accents, our American dress, our baby girl who likes to touch people's hair and babble away to them...the list could go on.  However, there has not been a single moment that we have not felt overwhelmingly welcome.  Hands extended to shake the foreigner's, smiles to greet us when they realize we don't understand their verbal greetings, welcoming arms that want to take care of our baby, and once again the list could go on.

However, what makes me stop and wonder is this...do foreigners feel the same upon entering our churches back at home?  How about your church?  If someone comes in who is as different from you as night and day - how are they welcomed?

My prayer, my hope, & my desire is that no one would enter your life...be it at church, at work, or if you are just out and about...that would not feel as welcome as we have during our time here in Antsirabe.

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