Where Would You Like To Go?

October 8, 2011


Steve and I both enjoy going to the movies.  I personally, enjoy the whole experience...especially the previews.  Ask anyone that has been to a movie with me and they know that it's absolutely necessary to get there in time for the previews or really there's no reason at all to go.  It's true.  However, I'm not one to watch movies multiple times.  There are a few exceptions but unless it's one of my favorites I won't sit though it again.  This being said...my daughter is a completely different scenario.  I had no idea that a 6/7/8 month old could enjoy something on a screen for so long.  Not only that, she's quite content to watch the same ones over and over and over and over.  I never thought that she'd be that interested or that I'd find such relief in it!
I'm almost confident that I'm not sure how we would have made it the 13 hour flight without Veggie Tales/Praise Baby...
and there are times when I just need 10 more minutes to finish a blog...
so I'll put on her Jesus Loves Ryleigh DVD...
...and still other times when she truly just needs 20 more minutes of down time...
and who really can say no to Elmo??
I now have watched Elmo/Jesus Loves Ryleigh/Praise Baby more times than I have watched my favorite movies.  Who knew?
So, basically I have a 9 month old that already has her favorite movies - does this make me a bad parent?!?

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  1. Not at all!! You are being very selective about what she watches and the titles - Jesus Loves Ryleigh - well, can you really hear that Jesus loves you too much?! lol


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