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October 28, 2011

Divine Provider

During language today, Mme Lalao asked us to share a story (in Malagasy of course) with her about our 1st days of being in Madagascar.  She wanted us to each tell about a situation that occurred in which we were “gaga” (shocked) about something.  We both managed to tell about a time when something had shocked us but in both cases it was shocked in a good way.  She seemed surprised about this – our stories were not what she had expected.  As we talked more about our 1st few weeks in the country, it really made me thankful for all of your prayer support.  There were times when we were overwhelmed by not being able to communicate but in reality those times were short lived.  There were so many things that could have thrown us off track, really gotten us down, or made us just hide out in our house.  However, this didn’t happen.  Instead we fell in love with all of the quirks and differences.  Yes, our life looks very different now.  Meals take longer, floors need to be swept more often, I speak like a 5 year old, and there are more animals, people, and pousse pousses in the road than cars – but all of it has become our “normal”.  We know this has nothing to do with who we are but Who we serve.  It’s because you have been faithful to lift us up.  Our Lord has been faithful to provide everything we need – physically, mentally, & spiritually.  He is the Divine Provider.

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