Where Would You Like To Go?

October 15, 2011


We recently read an article online about this year's college freshmen.  It said that they were born after the web so therefore they have no recollection of a time before the internet existed.
 If you say Amazon - they are more likely to think of the internet shopping site instead of the river in South America. 
Right around that same time we learned a new Malagasy word.
The best English translation is 
"replaces the brain"
want to know what it is?
a computer
pretty fitting don't you think??

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  1. Hi! This is Nathan's mom. I have followed your blog since early summer. You have helped us much as we try to envision Mada and to pray for the people of Mada, as well as missionaries. Thanks for your personal posts which draw us closer in learning HOW to pray and to pray more specifically. And I LOVE learning about Ryleigh!


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