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October 24, 2011

Faith of a Child

Lately our homework has consisted of reviewing the verses we read in class and writing a short devotional. You know that I love writing, especially about the things the Lord teaches me through Scripture.  However, this is often a hard task because of how limited I am in the language.  I have to find ways to express complete thoughts with the words that I know. I thought I’d give you a glimpse into what that looks like! 

Scripture - Mark 10:13-16

Devotional - or as Mme Lalao likes to say "Spiritual Food"

An'ny toan ny ankizy ny fanjakan'Andriamanitra noho ny finoan'ny ankizy.  Tena samihafa ny finoan'ny ankizy sy olona efa lehibe.  Tsy misy fanontaniana momba izay lazain'Andriamanitra, fa marina izany.  Hino an'Andriamanitra fa tsy zavatra hafa ny ankizy.  Ka ohatra tena tsara amin'ny fomba tokony ho izy ny finoantskia ny ankizy.

Translation - The kingdom of God belongs to the children because of their faith.  A child's faith is very different than an adult's.  There is no questioning that what God says is true.  A child will believe in God and nothing else.  So the children are the perfect example of how our faith should be.

Short and sweet but atleast I can explain it in Malagasy!  Progress is being made!  Praise the Lord!!

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  1. When you write "Mme" how are you saying that? I read it all the time in No 1 Ladies Detective books and never know how to say it.

    Meredith Hurley Holmes


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