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February 19, 2014

Ryleigh - 3 years

Ryleigh, what a joy it is to celebrate your 3rd birthday!
Your bright smile, infectious laugh, compassionate heart, and huge hugs make our world a better place.  I think it just depends on the day if we could call you a daddy's girl or a momma's girl.  Daddy definitely wins after he's been in the bush for a few days...this year you really started realizing that he left and his absence was noticed while he was gone.  You love listening for him to come in the gate when I tell you he's about to come home.
You have grown in so many ways this year!  Your vocabulary has expanded, you have learned quite a few Bible verses, and you definitely have a repertoire of songs that you love to sing (and even make up at times!)  You are super tall & most people (especially in Mada) think that you are closer to 5 years instead of just now turning 3.  You are 34lbs 13oz and 3ft 5in tall.
We have enjoyed doing preschool together this year and I am honored that I get to teach you everyday.  I'm not sure how long it will last but for now you enjoy me being your teacher and we both look forward to school time!  Your favorite thing you have learned this year is how to count to 10 in Malagasy, often preferring to count that way rather than in English!  At the moment, you don't care too much for tracing letters or learning how to write - but you do enjoy all types of art and reading books.  You can recognize all of your shapes & colors and you love being the "teacher" and correcting me when I give you a wrong answer.
During this year, we were able to go to the States for your Aunt Chesney's wedding and you enjoyed getting to see everyone back in "sippi".  And because you were going to be a big sister, Lhi Lhi was even here to help us celebrate your birthday this year!
One of the biggest changes that happened in all of our lives this year is welcoming Lyllian to our family.  You talked about her & to her for the entire pregnancy and that hasn't stopped now that she's born.  You adore her and cover her with kisses as much as possible.  If she's crying, you start singing right away to her.  You are an awesome big sister!
Ryleigh, you do love being the center of attention...if it's your idea.  Your imagination runs wild and it's so much fun to watch & be apart of.  You love being a princess, doctor, & puppy - occasionally switching between the 3 all at the same time!  If you see anything that looks like it could be a stage then you get on it and grab your "microphone or guitar" and start singing away.
One of my favorite things about you is how quick you are to ask for prayer and/or thank God for things...even when we might be prone to laugh because you say "Thank you God for my hair being dry" or any other number of funny things.  Honestly, we are grateful that He is the one you thank and that you are aware enough already to know that He deserves the praise for everything big and small.  We give Him the praise for you sweet girl - I love you more than I ever knew possible.  I thank Him for the gift of you for however long He chooses to entrust me with you.  
I love you,

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