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February 17, 2014

Lyllian Abigail - 1 & 2 months

1 month
Time has flown my precious little miracle!  Your first month was completely unexpected since you're due date was still a week past celebrating your 1st month!  What great plans the Lord has for all of us!  From the beginning you have been such a strong girl - rolling from side to side since you were 2 weeks old!  You have been such a laid back baby and have slept most of every day (and night!)  You have definitely grown this month - you're up to 8lbs 13oz and 22 inches long.  Your sweet little life has already been COVERED in prayers from around the globe - literally.  What a grace gift you are!

2 months
It seems that when we hit your original due date (Jan 22nd) you became a different baby!  You have started being more alert and your gorgeous blue eyes are open much more often!  You are stealing our hearts with your adorable smile and we love watching you follow our voices with your head turns.  With becoming more alert, your shrills have become much louder and seemingly more frequent.  You are now 10lbs 5oz and are 22 1/4 inches long.  You rolled over from back to tummy this month and you can hold your head up very well - you are such a strong baby!  Happy Valentine's Day, my 2 month old!

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