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February 28, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Choose

There are literally thousands of choices in any given day...even over here on this side of the world where some things are a bit more simplified.  

wake up yet or not?
cereal or muffins?
quiet time or Facebook?
let Ryles watch TV or not?
and that's all in the first 20 minutes of the day.

however the choice that I find myself struggling with the most - that I find I regret more at the end of the day for choosing the wrong way...is just doing the fun things with her...reading books not related to school, using our imaginations for the beanbag to become a rocket ship, swinging outside no matter how hot it is, drawing pictures with sidewalk chalk, and of course dancing to every single Frozen song...
i start my day with a to do list - written or just in my head - and i find myself judging myself & my day based on what's checked off by the time i fall asleep...

but one day all too soon those toys aren't going to be scattered all over the floor in every single room,
 she isn't going to think it's cool to play with her mom, 
her imagaination will work a little bit differently
and sadly i won't be the best dancer she knows...

here's to making the right choices today - to choosing LIFE over lists - to choosing her over things - to choosing that abundant life that He came to give!


  1. Life over lists... so hard but so worth it! I want to choose that today too.

  2. You got it, Nickolee!! Go for it! Enjoy her to the full...

  3. That is beautiful and poignant and aware. Wonderful words to yourself and as a reminder to each of us to be present in the moment. So honored to come by for FMF.


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