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February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

We are spending our Valentine's Day headed back home to Madagascar...so we celebrated a little bit all week long!  

Steve set me up with a spa appointment while we were away 2 weeks ago and I throughly enjoyed my early Valentine present!!  Thanks baby, I love you!
This past Tuesday, when we headed to the cardiologist for Lyllian's appointment - hearts seemed to be the focus of all of our minds.  My mom talked to me about how if there was something that sounded different in Lyllian's heart - to remember that we know only the Creator could have put it there.  It was such a sweet reminder of how intimately He loves each of us and I can't help but rejoice in that today as we celebrate a day of love.  It also serves as an ever present reminder that so many of the people that we are flying back to right now have no idea how much God loves them.  While we throughly enjoyed our time in Joburg with my parents and 1st world things - we are grateful for the opportunity to return and share His love with those that He has called us to.  
As you celebrate (or not) today please remember to lift up all of those who do not know the joy that His love brings.

Wishing each of you a Happy Valentine's Day!!

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