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March 19, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts

all 3 of us have been fighting some type of stomach thing since saturday night.  ryleigh was great yesterday while steve & i were still struggling...then she wakes up with a fever this morning.  health seems to be a constant issue - we surely appreciate your prayers.  i'd ask for more prayers but i know that you already are...what a gift those prayers are to us.  thank you.

there's a lot going on.  we have 19 days until we board the plane to go to MS for vacation.  of those 19 days we're going to be home for 8 (with steve gone 4 of those to the bush!).  the rest of the days are spent traveling, at a team prayer retreat, traveling some more, and then at a subcluster annual meeting.  schools here are about to go on break, so these past two days have been my last ones with the deaf students and ESL students for a while.  plus, there are things we have to get in order home wise before we leave for vacation.  not to mention packing!

life here tends to not be hectic - even when you have a full schedule it's not really "busy" if that makes sense.  probably because we've learned that having a full schedule really means that there are things you'd like to do but who know if or when they'll actually happen. 

in the midst of all this, feelings of shame/guilt/etc creep in - sometimes over tiny details, sometimes over things i can't quite put my finger on...then i woke up to the freshness of this Truth this morning...

"Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death."  Romans 8:1-2

followed by these insights from Sarah Young (Jesus Calling )-

"I SPEAK TO YOU FROM THE DEPTHS OF YOUR BEING. Hear Me saying soothing words of Peace, assuring you of My Love. Do not listen to voices of accusation, for they are not from Me. I speak to you in love-tones, lifting you up. My Spirit convicts cleanly, without crushing words of shame. Let the Spirit take charge of your mind, combing out tangles of deception. Be transformed by the truth that I live within you."

there is NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus - you know, i can't figure out why in the world there wouldn't be...i deserve it with all that i am.  that is truth.  i do deserve it.  but He took my place - He has set me FREE from the law of sin and death.  if that's not the most refreshing breath of air i've had in a few days i don't know what is.  HE IS FREEDOM.

Sarah Young continues on with...
"The Light of My Presence is shining upon you, in benedictions of Peace. Let My Light shine in you; don’t dim it with worries or fears. Holiness is letting Me live through you. Since I dwell in you, you are fully equipped to be holy. Pause before responding to people or situations, giving My Spirit space to act through you. Hasty words and actions leave no room for Me; this is atheistic living. I want to inhabit all your moments—gracing your thoughts, words, and behavior."

to inhabit all of me - all of my moments - wow that is a beautiful thought
i'm so far from His grace pouring out of me in all i do and think but it is something i'd like to see happen - He promises us we can indeed do all things through Him - He's there, i just have to follow.

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