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March 11, 2013

Post from a friend

I really enjoy blogging - one of those reasons is because of a sweet and beautiful momma of 2 boys who also has been called to serve in a place that is still not quite "home" and the culture is different to the point of laughter at times.  While I knew of this gal back during my MC days, I have come to know her more as she shares her adventures through her blog.  Her transparency as a daughter of Christ, loving wife, and wisdom inspired mom - is more encouraging than words can say.  After gaining her permission, I want to share her blog post from today.  Just like what's become the norm, it spoke to my heart and resonated deep in my soul with words that I have been lifting to the Father...

I've been thinking lately about what kind of things I'd like for my kids to say about me when they grow old. Memories that I want seared into their little hearts.

There's only one problem with that kind of thought though.

I actually have to be kind and gentle if I want to be remembered as kind and gentle.

I actually have to practice patience and generosity if I want the memory of me to bear those fruits.

It would be easier if I could just write the list and have them memorize it, ready to quote at opportune or historic moments. But that isn't the way true character is revealed. It's revealed in a thousand tiny actions that make up a lifetime.

These tones that I catch after a morning of wild chases and dirt covered clothes, they will be the ones my children remember. The way I brush past that neighbor because I feel too busy to stop will teach them how I value people. The distraction of my attention by this and that will speak to them about what my priorities are.

Life is jostling me these days. And the overflow isn't always pretty.

So, I'm making a list yet, but it's not one for them to memorize, it's for me to bring before the Helper. Surely only the grace of God could change a woman like me, into a woman whose memory will be filled with generous and kind traits.

Thankfully, grace is here...in abundance.

thanks Laura for being willing to share!

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