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March 8, 2013

The Friday 5

It has definitely been one of the longest weeks we've had in a long time...I started thinking it was Friday, way back on Tuesday!  We've been pretty busy, the temperatures are back to as hot as they were before the cyclone, and our electricity decides to take 6-8 hour breaks during the day (and sometimes at night too!)  So, here's a look into our week with Joy and
1. hot mornings and afternoons =  time with this cutie at the coolest place in town!
2. Thanks to Baptist Global Relief we have the funds to make relief buckets...pretty sure I have never been around so much rice (this isn't all of it...)
 3.  Ryleigh enjoyed taking breaks from the bucket work to play with Baby Jude!
 4. Lots of hours spent on the front porch/yard working on buckets - hopefully they will be finished and ready for distribution on Saturday!
 5. Our front yard was covered in 300 relief buckets...
Hoping you have a wonderful Friday!


  1. We had some of the coldest weather this past week. But you'll be coming back to the states not long from now, and you'll get to catch a little break! Oh and I saw your sister's engagement pics!! They are awesome! Tell little Ryleigh that I lover her bathing suit!!

  2. Great job on the relief buckets!

    Stopping by from Joy's linkup!

  3. How fun! And what great pictures! :D


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