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September 17, 2012

Flour Painting

Seriously - it was so much fun!
I got the idea from my cousin Stacey.  You can check out her blog here.
She has the most adorable twin boys and put pics up on fb showing them "flour painting" - I immediately knew Ryles would love it and couldn't wait to do it!  Here's some pictures from our time "painting"!

I can really play with this???
Glad it's safe to eat!
 I can paint my toes!!
 "Hat momma...HAT!!" :)
Daddy even got in on the fun!
Flour Painting:
Flour + water until it's "pudding like" then add food coloring!  I've been warned that red tends to stain so we opted for 3 other colors.  I just chose some kitchen "tools" that Ryleigh would have fun with and let her have at it!
Was it super messy?  Absolutely! 
Was it completely worth it?  What do you think?



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