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July 9, 2012

What JAMES is teaching me

I'm currently in going through Beth Moore's study of James with Jodie & Tessa.  I've always enjoyed reading James - he's straightforward and to the point...not quite my style of attacking issues but it's usually how I need to be approached about things!  I just wanted to share with you a few of the things the Lord has been reminding me of through the truth of His words written by James.

* The testing of my faith produces steadfastness, which is needed for me to be lacking in nothing.
* When asking for wisdom, He will give it...but I must be asking in faith.
*Temptations in my life are born from my own sinful desires.
*His gifts are perfect and perfectly TIMED for His glory and the perfect completion of who He created me to be
*Be quick to hear and slow to speak - quick to hear and slow to speak - quick to hear and slow to speak
*That His implanted word in my heart continues to save my soul on a daily basis.
*When I am a hearer only of His word - I am decieving myself...change/doing has to take place!!

This is only from chapter 1!!  My prayer over the course of this study is that I do not simply nod my head in agreement with what the Lord is saying through James, but that I allow the Lord to make these changes in my life.  Oh how I love that His word is alive and active right here in July 2012!!

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