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July 2, 2012

Bush Trip

Steve left on Wednesday with the guys and headed out to Mahafaly Land.  The 1st night they stopped in Betoiky (where they normally stay) and Nathan went to Besatra to set up storying times for the next day.  While there he heard exciting news!  The Sunday after they ( the guys, Flint, & Michael)  did the shoe distribution they had 120 meet together for church.  They normally have between 20-30 people.  The Sunday after that they had 50 people meet for church.  When Grant did the story there on Thursday morning there were 100 people that met for that.  The believers there seem to be very excited about the new people meeting with them. 

On Thursday and Friday the guys went to a few villages that are further south than they normally travel.  Grant wanted the guys to see the town of Ejeda and some of the villages just north of it.  There is still no work going on in the area but we are beginning to develop relationships there and earn their trust.  The plans are for Steve to begin visiting the villages more often and hopefully start some work there over the next year.

On Saturday they did a story in the village of Kilimary.  In that village the believers have been dealing with the struggles of returning to their former ways of ancestor worship.  Some had still been going to the witch doctor and had charms to help with sicknesses.  Others had gone to a ceremony that they do to help an old man that is sick.  It involves dancing, killing a cow, and the old man drinking the blood of that cow.  Grant taught on several passages about leaving behind former ways and having a new life in Christ.  They responded very well to the teaching and seemed to be very decisive about changing some things they were doing.

Please keep praying for all of the trips out to the bush.  The Lord is moving in mighty ways and the Mahafaly people are responding!

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