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July 18, 2012

Early Bday Trip

Since we were already enduring the 4 hour ride out to Besatra, we thought it might be fun to visit a National Park that's about 4 more hours down the road.  Before you think we're totally crazy, the road gets remarkably better after that 1st 4 hour part!  We drove on to the west coast to a town called Ambola.  It was gorgeous and that's only putting it mildly.  It was honestly the most beautiful beach I have ever seen.  The water was an amazing turquoise blue and incredibly clear.  The beaches were filled with clean, soft, & white sand.  Truly a masterpiece from the Creator.  You might have the tendency to be a little jealous over these views BUT remember it's a pretty rough 8 hours to get to them!!
we were so excited when we saw how beautiful it was!
playing with her daddy in the sand
at our hotel on the beach
loves playing in the sand
Even though it was hard to leave the gorgeous views, we did indeed drive to the town to see the park - so off we went.  It did not disappoint.  The salt lake in the center was filled with beautiful flamingos, we hiked up a small mountain that led to breathtaking views, and we found 20 + ringtailed lemurs who wanted to play!! 
she enjoyed watching the flamingos
see the hut at the top? yep we hiked up to it!!

with "grandmother" baobab - see how wrinkly it is?!?
there were lemurs everywhere
blowing kisses when saying "bye bye" to the lemurs
Overall, it was a fantastic day and a pretty unique birthday present!  I'm so glad Alanna was able to join us on this fun trip!
lovely sunset

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  1. I had no idea that there were flamingos in Mada! Glad y'all were able to adventure out there. :D


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