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July 4, 2012

18 months old

Ryleigh Elizabeth,
  I can't believe how much you've grown since your 1st birthday.  You are such a tall girl!  You weigh 25 pounds and are 32 inches tall.  After what seemed like so long of you only taking a few steps here and there, you've decided you almost like walking as much as crawling. You seem to like walking the most with your hands held high in the air. Sometimes, you seem confused as to how to walk if you are holding something in your hands.
  You are such a talker.  There are lots of words that you've connected to what they truly mean and we understand what you try to tell us.  There are also still lots of times when it's clear you are talking but we have no idea what you are saying!  One of the cutest things I think you do, is walk to your highchair when you are ready for lunch or for a snack. 
  We do let you watch some TV - your favorite is Elmo, but lately you're branching out and enjoying shows like BOZ and bits of the movie Tangled (that's because your Aunt Alanna has been living with us!).  You don't watch your Praise Baby videos anymore but you do still like listening to the music from them.  If you could carry around the ipod with you all day - you would.  You LOVE music - dancing, singing, listening - it doesn't matter - you just like it being in the background of our day.

We've been really enjoying the cooler weather by going outside a lot!  We've been playing with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, building things in the sand, swinging in your swing, and going on walks in your stroller around town.  You enjoy being outside so much.  Often it's the first place you want to go when you wake up.  You'll walk down the hallway, point to the front door, & say "Naya" aka Nala.  However, once we get outside and Nala barks, you put your finger up to your lips and say "Shhhh".  It's pretty adorable!
We love you so much sweet girl and are thankful for every precious moment with you!

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