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April 2, 2012

Storying Means What Exactly??

Often we have referred to "storying" here on our blog and in our prayer requests.  After several of you have asked about it - we thought this might be the best way to try and tell you!  Storying is the evangelistic method we are using as a SW team among the unreached here in Madagascar.  We have found it to be highly effective when used with a mostly illiterate people who are considered "oral learners".  Below I have copied a description of the storying project that is currently happening here in the town of Tulear, from our team's website - http://madaboutstories.com feel free to check out the website for more info!

Missionaries from the IMB are partnering with Malagasy believers to complete a Bible storying project for the Antandroy, Masikoro, Mahafaly and Tanalana people groups. During the next two years the team hopes to create a basic Bible story set covering the panorama of creation to Christ’s return for dialects of each of the four people groups. One goal of the storying project is that the stories will begin to be used in existing churches and in outreach to villages as soon as they are crafted.
The team is using a training model developed by The Seed Company, a division of Wycliffe Bible Translators. Small groups of mother-tongue speakers work together to craft Bible stories for their local language or dialect. The story-crafting groups for this project are made up of lay church planters, church members, and university students from the four people groups. Group members have a passion for reaching their communities with the Gospel through using Bible stories.
The primary objective of the crafting process is to maintain a reverence for the Scriptures while crafting Bible stories that accurately reflect the Word of God and are sensitive to worldview issues. The crafting teams will begin by crafting the stories from the Storying Training for Trainers core story set. IMB missionaries are working with the story-crafters to craft Bible stories that will address the worldviews of these four people groups in southwest Madagascar.  Currently in Madagascar, a complete Bible is available only in the official, standard Malagasy language. Dialects of the island such as Mahafaly, Tandroy, Masikoro, and Tanalana are significantly different from the official language. Diligent work is being done in the southwest to translate the written Scripture into several of these dialects. However, the team prays oral stories created by the story-crafting groups will provide Biblical truths to dialect speakers who cannot read the Bible in their native dialects in the meantime.

Please continue to life Tessa and the 4 people group teams up as they are working dilligently on these stories every week!!

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