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April 9, 2012

He Is...

It’s been a really neat thing to be around other M’s who are serving in different parts of Sub Sahara Africa.  One day during our meetings, the worship leader asked people to vocalize in one word or so what God has been to them lately.  Here were some of the responses.
God Is…

The God who sees me
For me personally – the one word would have to be “home”.  That’s what He has been most to me out of everything else lately.  Home would actually encompass many of the other names as well.  It was so meaningful to listen to others share what He has been lately to them because of the great reminder that it represented.
 We are all serving in such different areas.  Some are in big cities and others live in rural villages.  Others have had to learn a different language and some are able to still speak English but have needed to learn another culture.  Styles of worship, appropriate dress, & even where we meet to worship differs greatly across the board – but the One that doesn’t change is the One we are serving.  He is everything to everyone.  No matter where we live, how we dress, or what language we speak – He is constantly consistent.  How amazing is that?!?!

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