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November 15, 2011

Prayer Request

We'll be headed out first thing in the morning to start the 13 hour trip down to Tulear!  We have been so excited and are anxious to get on the road.  We'd really appreciate you taking time to specifically lift up this trip to the Father over the next 11 days.  Here's a breakdown of what we'll be doing so you can be "in the loop"!

Nov. 16 - drive about 7 hours to a small town to stay the night (safety while traveling, no carsickness too!)
Nov. 17 - drive about 6 hours to TULEAR!! (safety, health)
Nov. 18 - spend time in Tulear, learn a little bit about what will soon be our home
Nov. 19 - Nov. 21 - go with SW team to Ifaty for a prayer retreat (renewal, sweet time with the Father, safety in traveling, team bonding)
Nov.22 - Nov. 23 - spending a night out in the bush (having a hard time believing that we're really getting to do this as I'm typing) and meeting some of our 1st Mahafaly people (health, building relationships, language)
Nov. 24 - Thanksgiving with our team at the Waller's house (fellowship, our families in the States)
Nov. 25 - Nov. 26 - driving the 13 hours back to Antsirabe (safety, health)

Thank you in advance for lifting us up!  We praise Him for your faithfulness!  Can't wait to update you when we get back!

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