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November 28, 2011

1st Beach Trip

After this view greeting us as we arrived in Tulear on Thursday, we couldn't wait to check out the beach the next day with the Waller family!
The wind was blowing a little more than usual so water was pretty muddy looking but Ryleigh didn't mind.  She loved every moment of it. 
She even discovered a new favorite finger food...SAND!!
Steve decided to walk around a little bit and found another place for us to check out.  This area was perfect for our kiddos.  The first 200 yards or so was completely calm and about ankle deep.  The water was clear and the bottom was all sand - no rocks!  Ryleigh had the best time crawling around and splashing in the water.  She will definitely be a beach bum! 
Looking forward to moving here in February!!

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