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November 4, 2011

10 Months Old!!

Ryleigh, The time between these months seems to get faster and faster!
As of this morning you weigh 19lbs (40%) and are 28.5 inches long (66%)!
You are such a little wiggle worm!
Your dad and I decided to do a top 10 of this past month in honor of today...
TOP 10
10.You have started splashing like crazy in the bathtub and then erupting into shrieks of laughter.
9. You say something that resembles "the end" everytime we finish a book.
8. When eating finger foods you want something in both hands...oh FYI this 80's little strawberry outfit?  Yep, it was your mom's when she was a little girl - I'd say you look quite adorable in it!
7. You love being in your walker and zooming across the floor.
6. Anytime we lay you in the bed, you immediately go into "frog" position.
5. You still bring a smile to every single Malagasy face that sees you.
4. You have learned to drink from a straw (and talk with your hands apparently!)
3. You are a master army crawler and can get anywhere you want.
2. You will snuggle up on our shoulder when you are tired and won't move until we've sung a song to you.
1. You love scrunching up your face at us because it always makes us laugh.
Sweet girl this list could go on forever with all of the things we love about you.  We thank Him for every moment we get to spend with you. 
We love you Ryleigh Elizabeth!

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