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August 1, 2011

Steve found it!

We heard long before we got to Madagascar that we'd want people to send pepperoni in care packages because you can't find it on the island.  If you know Steve, you know that's his favorite pizza (aka pretty much the only kind he'll eat).  So, we obviously put it on our list of things for people to send if they'd like to send a package.  HOWEVER, people here clearly did not make it to this place in Antsirabe...
we stopped by the other night to try out their pizza and lo behold - look what we found on the menu (yes, that's an "English" menu the 1st one we've seen in Mada)...

Steve was beyond excited - and hey, I was excited for him!  After we ordered, Steve said - no doubt this will be our new favorite pizza place - $1.75 for a pizza and they do deliveries!! 
The anticipation was mounting...our pizza came out...

wait - sir - where's the pepperoni??  Ah, he says...

 and points to the green pepper :)
Conclusion - there is pepperoni in Mada just perhaps not the kind we were looking for!
Guess we'll just wait on that care package!!

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