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August 4, 2011

Mada Bridges

Mada is slightly "infamous" for it's roads...there is only 1 main road to get around the island - it's called the RN7 - the funny thing is there are few clear markers of this road - and that's probably b/c if you're not on the nicest paved road around then you're not on it :)  You see - there are not that many "main" roads to choose from...there are even doctors who'd probably suggest that it's not healthy to even drive on the majority of the roads...some might be paved but they are ever so bumpy - i'm reminded of those old wooden roller coasters - get the idea?
Aside from all of that, the thing we're still getting used to are the bridges.  You know you're approaching a bridge when you see a white line on the road - this indicates you should stop here just for the record...
you stop b/c a bridge is coming up and the bridges only have room for 1 car at a time...
if it's clear on the other side then you can pass on over...
once over the bridge the road "widens" to the "2 lane" road it's intended to be :)
We just spend our time praying that whoever is coming up from the other direction (as it is not uncommon for the bridge to be between 2 curves) understands the rules of Mada bridges!!

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