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August 28, 2011

Lemurs & Shopping

This past weekend we took a road trip back up to Tana (the capital).  It's about 200km away but takes close to 3 hours to get there due to how curvy the roads are.  The trip up was much more pleasant than the trip down a month and a half ago because I made sure to take some dramamine before we left! 
Looks like Ryleigh was ready to go!
We took this trip to get some supplies now that we were more aware of what was availabe in Antsirabe and to practice our language in a different setting.  Friday was spent at the Lemur Park near Tana.  It's a place we'd heard about from other missionaries and had seen plenty of fun pictures.
It's a free range park with 7 different species of lemurs living there.  The views were beautiful!
There were also plenty of reptiles there as well...Ryleigh didn't know what to think about them but Steve was excited to have finally seen some chameleons.
There were also tortoises - MASSIVE ones and little, bitty, baby ones.  Our guide placed some up on the wall for Ryleigh to see...I think she thought we were going to take them home with us.
We also met our 1st Mahafaly person there!  His name was Biesel and he was our guide.  He was fantastic and spoke English very well.  Biesel loved Ryleigh and insisted on a picture before we left.
Friday night we were grateful to join the Emish family for their weekly pizza night - it was delicious and fun.
We decided to stay around on Saturday and get some extra shopping done.  After loading up with some groceries, child safety items (for when Ryles goes mobile), and a drying rack (apparently the rain is about to start)...the back of our car looked like this...

We then hit the road Sunday morning traveling back to Antsirabe.  We enjoyed our little roadtrip and are grateful for the prayers that were being lifted up for our traveling safety!

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  1. It's great to see how much people are loving on your little Ryleigh. :)


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