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July 16, 2011

An Unexpected Blessing

We knew there would be a grocery store in the capital (16 hours from where we'll ultimately be). We did NOT know there was one in Antsirabe (where we are for language - 13 hours from where we'll ultimately be) - it has been quite the unexpected blessing!!

some things look similar...but we do have to bleach them 1st...
some things look a little different...
milk - on a shelf???

 eggs on a shelf???

don't worry Mr.Billy - we're still supporting Kellogg - even in Mada :)
(Steve's dad works for them)
and for all of those non believers out there - in case the homeade baby food doesn't work out - I still have options!!
and some things look a little similar and a little different ...

I must admit it's been nice to have a small step down instead of going from Kroger to only a market!!

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