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July 4, 2011

4th of July

:) atleast it is for us already...it's currently 3:30 am here or 8:30pm on the 3rd for most of you guys.  We're 7 hours ahead of Central Time here in Joburg and we'll be 8 hours ahead once we get to Mada.  I'm WIDE awake and both Steve and Ryleigh are sleeping soundly.  I thought I'd be productive during this awake time and catch you guys up on our time here so far...that was until I figured out the internet must not work at night...I've noticed the heater was off so I'm guessing the electricity went out at some point.  No problem - I'll just type and then post it when internet is working!  Yes, the low tonight was supposed to be 39 degrees F and I'm guessing it's indeed right around there!!
So, here's our weekend!!

the 1st time we got on the plane in Atlanta...
Ryleigh eating bananna for the 1st time - she loved it!!
Chris Brown just had to have a pic with the cutest girl on the plane :) 
we made it!!

1st night 3:30 am
(Ryleigh still thought it was 8:30 pm)
The Wallers showed us their favorite place for lunch on Sunday
The 8 passenger Condor that Grant hauls us all around in w/ 2 carseats!!
1st famiily pic in Joburg - Thankful for all He has provided and His continued faithfulness!!

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  1. I love all the pictures!! Glad you guys made it there safely.


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