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July 20, 2011

Birthday Wishes Do Come True

Okay...so I can't promise that I always wished for it on my birthday - but for as far back as I can remember I've wanted to be somewhere in Africa.  Actually - I don't remember particularly thinking about waking up there on my birthday BUT it was pretty amazing to do so today.  The Lord is faithful to give us the desire of our hearts - when our hearts are His and filled with His desires for our lives!  I fall so short of all He wants me to be but I do know that this desire is from Him and I'm loving being a part of that fulfillment!!
My 26th bday celebration started back in the states...
Steve's parents surprised me with an ice cream cake and family party...
We had a family get together in Meridian too - it's been called a "CAN" party over the years...because Chesney, Alanna, and Nickolee all have bdays in July - but as you can tell - Ryleigh always turns into the center of attention :)
I woke up this morning to my beautiful baby girl, in the arms of her handsome daddy, holding out a precious handmade card for her momma :)

and Steve bought me a new Bible before we left and surprised me this morning with a handcrafted Madagascar nativity (I decided a long time ago I'd like to find one from every country I visit) isn't he thoughtful?  He knows me so well!
I also had a bag of gifts from my momma and daddy-Ryleigh throughly enjoyed the wrapping!!
We got to skype with Mom, Dad, Alanna, Nanna & Pop, and Karen - then Steve and Ryleigh took me to lunch at Zandinas
this afternoon I recieved a call from Chesney and then the Wallers and Tessa came to Antsirabe on their way home to Tulear.  We all went out to dinner and the girls gave me this beautiful scarf!
Getting online was also such a blessing to read all of your "happy bday" emails and posts!  It was an absolutly fantastic birthday!

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