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July 29, 2011

Language School

Saloma! Inona no vao vao?
Hello! What's new?

We have completed our 1st week of language school! WHOO HOO!  The past week has been dizzying to say the least.  English grammer rules are thrown out the window (you might laugh, but this is hard for a school teacher!) and the Malagasy ones have to be learned.  There are 21 letters in their alphabet - all look the same as ours but some are pronouced very differently.  The hardest part for me (Nickolee) is learning to roll my r's it makes me laugh every single time - and you might laugh if you heard me trying!  God is faithful and He is preparing our hearts, minds, and tongues to be fluent in this language.  Your prayers are being answered and we definitely want them to continue!  Here's a glimpse into what school looks like ~
Steve and I meet with Madame Lalao from 9-12 every morning... 
her chalkboard...
then we practice with her son Andrew from 12 -1...
Ryleigh enjoys playing outside and in her room with Onie...
We're headed out now to go practice what we've learned!
Veloma mandra pihoana!
Good-bye see you later!

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