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June 19, 2011

Fantastic Fathers


To my amazing husband who has been an absolute natural at being a dad...he was in love from the 1st time he held her.
Steve - I am more in love with you today than I was yesterday - I pray that grows for the rest of our lives.  Ryleigh is such a daddy's girl and EVERYONE knows it.  I love that you make her smile as much as you make me smile.  We're quite content to be your girls!  Thank you for being an example of His love to each of us, every. single. day.

To my dad - words can't express how amazing it is to have a dad who imitates how our heavenly Father loves us - all 3 of us are blessed to have you as our daddy.
My dad has taught me to always have a sense of humor (which sometimes happens and sometimes doesn't), that it's okay to cry sometimes (or all the time), and despite all the joking - I've never wondered for one moment if he loves me or is proud of me - He's always made sure that I've known.
To my "father-in-law" - which I'd never really classify him as - blessed beyond words to have such a fantastic addition to my family through marrying Steve.  He loves me as his own and I could never ask for more than that. 
Oh and Ryleigh wishes you both a happy father's day as well :)  She doesn't know that there is a seperate day for grandfathers later on!

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