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March 21, 2011


The remaining weeks leading up to leaving for Virginia will be spent with our families and friends all over MS and TX...this past week we found ourselves in Meridian!

No matter where we are...she is SUCH a daddy's girl (pretty sure, he's wrapped around her finger too!)!!

The newest thing she's learned?  Her ABC's...well I think that's what you'd call them - it goes like this...
A........B.........C........LHI LHI!!!  :) guaranteed giggle everytime!! 

Ryleigh met the future husband...mr.max stark...he's already teaching her new things :)

She had her 1st fishing trip with my mom's side of the family - Rock is showing her how it's done!

Ryleigh with her "great-Pop"  :)

She was stylin on St Patty's day thanks to Big J and Little A!

We spent the end of the week packing up all of our stuff for the crate...SUCH a big task!!  I know we'll be grateful to get the crate once we've been in Mada for a few months though!  We're loving traveling around, seeing everyone, and having opportunities to speak at churches.  We are thankful for all of the prayer warriors out there!   Keep checking back - more updates will be on the way since we're in baldwyn this week!  This time with family and friends is priceless...we're grateful to be able to spend time with them - and love them so so so much!  Rest assured anytime Ryleigh isn't in someone else's arms, this is where you'll find her...right in her momma's arms :)

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