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March 25, 2011

a mental break

Writing has often been a "break" from reality for me...i can't explain it but i love it - always have.  this blog is probably not the greatest example of my writing but more so like a journal of sorts...anyway - even though the past month has felt mostly like a vacation, in the sense that we have only slept in clinton for probably 3 nights, my mind has been constantly on the go.  For those who know me, you may laugh, since my thought process have often been called "one of a kind"...but it's true that my mind has been in overdrive here lately.  Every day is a day to think of something else that needs to be crated...or put in a suitcase for virginia...OR put in a vaccum seal bag for the flight to Mada...did i mention the bags we're currently toting around from meridian to baldwyn and back??  I should have an adorable picture of Ryleigh sitting in a suitcase right here but i don't...oops!  this post is seriously not going to amount to anything of real importance...i just needed to type...to put down into words all that goes through my head.  this makes me slow down and relax...not sure the reasoning behind it all - but it works!

what else calms me down? music.  i used to be a big fan of country music...knew every lyric, every artist...and LOVED watching music videos - lol - now, i'm not saying it's evil by any means (well, not all of it anyway) but i'm definitely the most relaxed and at peace when i'm listening to my favorite christian songs.  music has always had a way of transporting me to His throne room...i can block out the rest of the world so easily when i'm singing (or maybe the world is blocking me out because it's listening to me sing...hmmmm).  shane and shane will always be one of my favs because of their use of scripture in every single song.  i love proclaiming His truths to music...currently their song "Over the Sun", is speaking volumes - i've always enjoyed it but just the reminder that we need to get "over the sun" because everything under it is meaningless.  all in all it doesn't matter what i pack where...the Lord will provide - He always has, and i have no doubts that He always will.  everything in the crate or in the suitcase (any of the 10 or so) - it's just stuff...no doubt it will probably make life easier in some form or fashion and will definitely make ryleigh one of the most fashionable kiddos on the island :)  BUT it's all stuff we can live without...if we forget something, it'll be alright.  soooooo (my mom really wishes i'd quit using that word to start every.single.sentence. ha) that's life right now - this time next week our crate will be "crated" - we won't see it again till september or so once we've settled in mada. 

for those of you who stuck with me through this rambling mental break - thank you - you can breathe a sigh of relief...i'm going to stop now.  i hope all of you have  a splendid weekend and here's a picture to hopefully make reading this worth your while ;)

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