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January 1, 2011

It's a New Year!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Wow...I wonder if it ever seems like a whole year has truly gone by??  This time last year, it was just the 2 of us, headed back to Ft Worth after spending the holidays in MS.  A lot has transpired over 2010!!

2010 has been full of changes but I have a feeling that they might pale in comparison to the changes happening in 2011.  For now, we're just playing the waiting game.  Waiting on Ryleigh to be ready to enter the world...speaking of changes - she sure has changed a lot this year!!

Ryleigh has made me really think alot about Christ's 2nd coming lately.  We have a due date for Ryleigh - January 15th.  We know that somewhere around that date she'll be here.  We've spent the past 9 months doing everything we can to prepare for her and her arrival.  Our family and friends have purchased clothes, toys, furniture, and diapers to help prepare us for her being here.  Steve and I have gone to classes and dr appointments galore.  We are currently sitting on pins and needles just waiting for her to let us know "it's time".  We are doing everything we can to prepare ourselves and the world around us for that moment in time that she'll enter this world.  Now, what does this have to do with the 2nd coming?  Well, we know Christ is coming.  We don't have a "due date" but we do have His word.  He promises us of His 2nd arrival and that we are to be ever ready.  I just have been asking myself a lot lately - am I do everything I can to prepare myself and the world around me for His arrival?  Am I doing so with as much gusto and enthusiasm as I have in preparing for Ryleigh?  My prayer is that I do, but I know I fall ever so short.  May this year be one where my main focus is Christ and on deepening that relationship with Him.  2011 - the year of preparing our hearts and those around us for His 2nd coming - whenever that may be.

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