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January 7, 2011

Ryleigh Elizabeth

Ryleigh is here!!

January 4, 2011
9:02 am
8lbs 2oz
21 1/4 inches long

Monday, January 3rd, we had our 38 week appointment.  Steve was off work due to his office being closed and we were looking forward to hearing when our precious baby might make her appearance.  However, my doctor said that I had made no progress and just to come back the following Monday for my 39 week appointment.  We were excited that all of my blood work and other numbers were where they were supposed to be, but a little sad that it looked like Ryleigh was going to wait until the 15th or so to make her appearance.
Tuesday morning - 5:25 am - I woke up with a sharp pain in my side that wouldn't go away.  After a call in to the after hours line, the doctor told us to come on in to the hospital to get checked out.  We pulled up at the hospital at 6:15.  My doctor was already there due to some previously scheduled c sections and was able to come in and talk with us.  My blood pressure was high and I was still in pain.  She did a sonogram of Ryleigh to check and make sure she was doing okay.  Ryleigh looked great but my blood pressure was staying high.  Dr. Cole said that I had the early stages of preclampsia and said we were going to go ahead and have a baby!!  Steve and I were shocked that everything was happening so fast but we were ecstatic!!
At 9:02 she arrived and isn't she beautiful?

We're all doing great and are excited about heading home this morning, Friday, January 7th.  Ryleigh has done fantastic and the joy that has come with being parents is simply indescribable.  We just wanted to update everyone on her arrival and thank you for all of your prayers and encouragement!


  1. Incredible news. So excited for you. This little MK is beautiful!! Want to see her for myself. Will call you soon. Vickie

  2. congratulations! so excited for you guys!!!


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