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November 4, 2010

Life Update!

Today we got to see our beautiful baby daughter again.  Words can not express the way seeing her face, feet, and hands makes me feel.  The sound of her heartbeat seems to stick in my head more than any great song ever has.  She is such a blessing to our family already.  The doctor gave a great report - she has a strong heartbeat, is growing well, and is even a little on the long side (who would have ever thought?)!!  :)  Don't you think she's beautiful?  I know we're a little biased!!  This pic is my favorite because she's suckling and her little tounge is sticking out on top of her lower lip.  For those who need help...she is facing the camera and her left side is on top...the dark circles would be her eyes!

We leave tomorrow for IMB appointment - crazy that it's already here - how time flies!!  So many personal prayers, as well as others praying for us, have led up to this point.  God has blessed us in numerous ways regarding our calling to Madagascar.  We have been able to build a relationship with the missionaries that are already there and have had the opportunity to meet with another family that's currently stateside.  During this next week, we'll get to meet with yet another family who is headed there in January!  We would have never thought that we'd have so many connections with people in Madagascar while still in the states.  It has been a blessing to already have relationships with those we will be serving alongside.

A friend who is currently serving in Belize through a missions/discipleship program, recently reminded me that our relationship with Jesus is just that - a relationship.  He is more concerned about our obedience and fellowhip with Him than the destination.  The journey, our daily walk with Him, is the most important thing.  Whether we are here, somewhere else in the States, in Madagascar, or wherever else He may call us - the goal is to love Him and to love others.  Period.  I pray that we are known by His love.

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  1. She does look beautiful. :D When's y'all's due date? We look forward to meeting all THREE of you!!!


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