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September 4, 2010

An Unpredictable God?

Got my thoughts
I got my words
Got this head full of answers
Got You wrapped up
Got You under control
See my future like the past behind me
I think I know where You’re leading
Don’t need no questions
Don’t need no rocking the boat
But I just forget all the mystery
I just forget who You are
When I know that I know
What You have down the road
When I’m sure that
I’ve figured You out
Help me see that I’m small
That I can’t know it all
‘Cause You’re so unpredictable
‘Cause You’re so unpredictable
You said the foolish
Would shame the wise
To put my faith
In what’s beyond my eyes
And to believe You
I have to come as a child
So help me to rest in the mystery
Of what I can’t understand
Can’t wrap my mind around You
Can’t put You in a box
Can’t keep You safely contained
You’re gonna move the way
You wanna move today
Just let me follow along
     These are the lyrics to one of my absolute favorite songs by Francesa Battistelli (who has fabulous music by the way).  I think it's one of my favorites because it seems to be so accurate in describing life.  Well, at least our life atleast!  We're on this journey and as of this moment in time there are quite a few things "planned out" - quite a few big, life changing things.  But what the Lord keeps reminding me is that all we know is what He has chosen to show us.  We in no way know the big picture - or for that matter can even dream up everything He plans to happen.  The next 8 months of our life may look very similar to how we have them pictured - or they could look radically different.  It's one thing to admit this - quite another to live it out. 
     This week, Ryleigh has started kicking - and the feeling is quite indescribable.  I've never known anything like it and I get absolutely giddy when it happens - often laughing out loud.  She has been a daily reminder that the Lord is in control.  That He is God and I'm not - He is in control of huge things like creating our daughter and in control of miniscule details - all working together for His glory and not our own. 
     So, if the next few months pan out like we think they are then it's because He wants them to - not because that's what we've told people would happen but simply and only because the Lord himself desires it to be so.  If the next few months are radically different and nothing goes according to our plans then once again it's because He wants them to go that way.  The only role we play in "planning" is to glorify Him or not.  My heart desires more than anything for it to always be about Him and not about us.
     All that said to say - is God really unpredictable?  Yes, in some ways He is to me - unpredictable because I can only try to grasp Him with my earthly mind, can only try to describe Him in a vocabulary that is far too limited to do so accurately, can only try to understand the big picture with a very small and narrow mindset - so therefore He appears unpredictable - does this trouble me?  No.  Why? Because there are things about God that are completely predictable.  He will always glorify Himself.  His character, who God is, is never a question.  He is love, mercy, forgiveness, grace, righteous, just, salvation, creator, peace, counselor, my rock, and oh so much more - and those things my friends are never, ever, ever, unpredictable.  He was, He is, and He will ALWAYS be.

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  1. What a blessing to read this and to relate in so many, many ways! Thanks for sharing and for the encouragement!
    I love your statement that our only role in planning is to glorify Him or not because you are absolutely right, it is not about us (but I need that reminder a lot)!


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